Critical Process Monitor CPM-16

The CompuDAS® Model CPM-16 is a low cost self-contained unit for process monitoring that has 16 independent analog inputs. Inputs may be a combination of thermocouples, RTD’s, pressure transducers or almost any voltage or current based sensors. Expansion boards may be remote from the base unit for SCADA applications.
The basic CPM-16 system is a desktop unit and includes one 16 channel Analog Input Card, Front Panel Display and Switches and one Single Board Computer with built-in solid state Hard Drive that can store over three million readings even if the operator PC is “off-line”. Additional storage is available. All stored files are Excel compatible. The CPM-16 provides high-speed, low cost communication utilizing our friendly Windows Based Software, and Ethernet connectivity which allows multiple PC’s to view and access data simultaneously.


  • Front Panel Process Display
  • Multi-Channel – 16 Channels
  • Per Channel Engineering Unit Scaling and Calibration.
  • Remote Connectivity.
  • Windows based Interface and Ethernet compatible.
  • Paperless Recording – Excel Compatible Files.
  • Solid State Hard Drive.
  • Auto Start/Stop Logging.
  • Alarm Input/Output for each channel.
  • Direct Thermocouple Connectivity.
  • Display is selectable by channel and/or by card.

Graphical User Interface Features

  • Process monitoring setup.
  • Real-time viewing of current process inputs including minimums and maximums.
  • Real-time graphing of 8 process inputs (printable).
  • Start/Stop and limit reset control.
  • Data transfer to operator PC’s or user network.
  • Display selectable by channel and/or card

Operator PC Requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems.
  • Printer for real-time graph and record printing.

Physical Characteristics

  • Desk top unit is 13.5” wide, 11” deep and 3.5” high.
  • 4-digit LED display.
  • Switch selection of channel and/or card.
  • Logger start/stop switch.

Support and Training
Extended factory support and training is available via telephone and/or the internet. Our trained engineers and representatives are available to help with individual installations and applications with immediate response to reduce critical down-time.






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